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with live interaction

With Evenzu® Streaming,, you can share your event online, Live, or On-demand. No matter if your stream goes out to 10 or 10.000 viewers the streaming automatically adapts for the best possible resolution on most known devices across the planet.

Evenzu® Streaming is very simple to use, all you need is a link and a Password and your event is ready to go online. Your streaming site is branded to fit your visual identity and we have even added some clever interaction tools that will inspire your audience to actively engage in your online event.

Branding your site

The evenzu streaming platform is designed for maximum flexibility in relation to your branding.

You can customize all colors and graphic elements so that the streaming site perfectly matches your visual identity.

You easily add any number of information boxes on the site e.g. agenda, bios, etc. or add the build in countdown bar to show your viewers when your online event begins.

Live interaction

Great participant interaction is vital to most events, online or physical.

Inspire your viewers to engage in your online event with three clever tools that allow your viewers to voice their opinions, questions, and feedback during your online event.

  • Chat / Social wall
  • Ask questions
  • Polls

Studio Production

Event Capture

We provide everything you would expect to get in a high end production setup. Including video-mix, graphics, reference monitors and great audio.

Our Production Crew

Our experienced cameramen and producers ensure that your streaming program stand out as a polished high end production.

Asset Creation

We create everything from image slates to lower thirds, motion graphic and anything else your live stream needs.

Forbindelse til Verden

Vi forstår behovet for at være forbundet mod verden. Vores streaming services sikrer, at vi kan levere dit event indhold til dit online publikum, uanset hvor du er på planeten

Vores robuste streaming servere er spredt over hele verden og giver dine seere den bedst muligte oplevelse, hvor som helst.

Vi kan skalere din live streaming dynamisk fra 1 til millioner forbindelser med minimal båndbredde brug.

evenzu® fungerer perfekt på enhver enhed

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